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Every situation is different, and I will provide personalized services and a bespoke plan based on your project scope and needs assessment.  After your first inquiry review, the following is a quick summary of how our partnership will work.




This is the opportunity to get to know each other better (phone call, skype or in person) where we chat openly about your situation, your challenges, your knowns and your unknowns  My less talk, more action approach will ensure this consult gets us to the heart of the matter rather swiftly. And assuming we agree that we're a good fit - we move on to step 2.


I will provide you with a proposal, outlining the services, timing, budget and deliverables for the scope of work. Specific details and the project team will be based on your situation. If the proposal is approved by you, I will obtain a signed copy – and I schedule the project. As an administrative junky, written communications and project plans will be provided to ensure full transparency. I leave nothing up for  interpretation. 




The fun starts and the work begins.  An afternoon, a week, a month...  Whatever it takes, a rock solid solution to achieve your specific goals will start coming to life.  According to the project plan, milestone meetings and approvals will occur as required. 





And yes, all good things must come to an end.  While the action items and deliverables are most likely being executed throughout our partnership, the final hand-offs will be signed, sealed and delivered to you according to our agreed project plan.

Let's get started!

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